FujiyamaAnnette rehearse at Sanggar O

We were honoured to welcome FujiyamaAnnette from Tokyo as part of Jakarta Theater Platform’s annual program. Artistic director and performer Ney Hasegawa and renowned butoh dancer Kae Ishimoto rehearsed intensively, supported by technical genius Hiroto Takezaki, at Sanggar O, 8–11 September 2018, before their performance at Graha Bakti Budaya theatre at Taman Ismail Marzuki (Jakarta arts centre) on 13 September.

Afrizal Malna, head of the Jakarta Arts Council’s theatre committee, and members of the Council’s administration attended the opening of the rehearsals and led a discussion about contemporary Indonesian and Japanese theatre and the historic relationship with Japan.


Afrizal Malna, head of Jakarta Arts Council theatre committee in discussion
Afrizal Malna, front, in discussion with workshop participants. Photo: Sanggar O/Robert Finlayson

About the performance

The performance drew parallels between computer technology and Butoh dance, linking experiences of the performers. A witty, deep and questioning piece, ENIAC (link to trailer of earlier performance in Yokohama) produced a palpable excitement in the large audience. Staging was a complex blend of projections, lighting and music woven around and over the two performers during the 1.5-hour show that dealt with the complex relationship between the body and technology, the butoh dancer and her mother and the nature of work.


Ney Hasegawa, left, and Key NAME NLKG
Ney Hasegawa, left, and Kae Ishimoto in rehearsal at Sanggar O with Hiroto Takezaki on computers. Photo: Sanggar O/Robert Finlayson


Video of rehearsal, featuring a cameo voice appearance by the Sanggar O rooster. Video: Sanggar O/Robert Finlayson

About Ney Hasegawa

Ney Hasegawa is the artistic director of Fujiyama Annette and a director, choreographer and performer. He brings a keen sense of visual presentation to his work in the performing arts, exploring the boundaries of perception. His best-known original works are Absence of the City (2013), Attack on Dance (2014–2016), Dance Hole (2016) and ENIAC (2017–2018). He has also worked in Kein Licht (2011), written by Elfriede Jelinek; Under Execution, Under Jailbreak (2015), adapted from an original manga by Hirohiko Araki, with choreography by Mirai Moriyama; Opera Black Jack (2015–2016) by Osamu Tezuka, with musical direction by Akira Miyakawa; including co-direction of SCRAP Real Escape Game (Escape from the Android Factory) (2018). He is keen to work in both domestic and international theatre scenes.

About Kae Ishimoto

Kae Ishimoto was born into a family of Japanese traditional dancers. She began to study jazz dance at the age of 4 and is trained in contemporary dance. Since 2002, she has been working with the famed butoh dancer Yukio Waguri. In 2011, she performed Transformation Girl, which was choreographed using the Hijikata method of butoh, in six countries in Asia and Europe.

In 2004, she co-created a performance company with eight musicians, called Wangnin Bunmei (Fool’s Civilization). She and the company were invited to 13 countries, in Asia and Europe and the USA. Through these diverse performing opportunities, she is attempting to construct an original, genre-less expression that synthesizes various elements and traditions of dance, establishing a dance style that blends an Eastern sense of the body with a borderless sensitivity that can express both specific and universal themes.

About the Djakarta Theater Platform

Dewan Kesenian Jakarta (DKJ/Jakarta Arts Council) and the Ministry of Communication and Information (Kemkominfo) in collaboration with the British Council, Japan Foundation, Jakarta Art Institute and Sanggar O are hosting the Djakarta Theater Platform 2018 with the theme Silent Mass. This program will take place throughout September-October 2018 through a series of free, public events. Click here for reservations

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