Stefan Danerek, our first writer in residence returns with cloth and photographer

Stefan with cloth
Stefan with cloth

Sanggar O’s first writer in residence and, indeed, our first-ever resident of any kind, Stefan Danerek, returned in October 2018 with photographer Ganjar Wibisono to run a photo-shoot of textiles he had commissioned from the island of Palu’e in eastern Indonesia (not to be confused with the city of Palu on the neighbouring island of Sulawesi that recently experienced a devastating earthquake and tsunami). The photography is intended for a publication about the little-known textile art of this small, isolated island.

Ganjar Loka_2

Stefan wrote at the sanggar in early 2018, staying for several days to work on one of his scientific articles about the island. As well as reinvigorating the production of traditional woven textiles through his commissions, he has been researching the island’s unique language, publishing a word list and producing a dictionary manuscript that is with a publisher at present. He also has an audio collection online. Stefan can be contacted at

Some selected photos from the shoot.

Ganjar on close up

Ganjar on close up

Stefan ironing

Stefan ironing

The set up


Stefan is on Palu’e now and sent photos of some of the cloth and the artists who produce them.

This is a “codhu”, a storage basket woven from lontar palm (Borassus flabellifer). Sometimes the baskets are smoked above cooking fires to preserve them and, coincidentally, produce a wonderful aroma redolent of smoked-bacon crisps.

He also included some pictures of his meals.

This is raw chicken marinated in lime juice, served with ‘arak’, distilled palm spirit, akin to vodka.

And this is Bapak Mangge, a spiritual and herbal healer, who prepares special pills that produce important dreams.

Here is a master dyer on the nearby island of Flores and some of his creations, with Stefan modelling.

If you would like to sample or purchase, please contact Stefan directly on the email address above.


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