Facilities, which are under continuing improvement as means come to hand, include an outdoor, covered stage (10 x 5 x 4.5 m) with concrete floor and basic flood lighting; concrete uncovered area (20 x 5 m); small plunge pool; garden; meeting areas; rooftop (28 x 5 m).

We have Wi-Fi but it’s not like high-speed broadband. If you’re a gamer or other heavy data user, we suggest that maybe Sanggar O wouldn’t be optimal for you.

SIM cards can be purchased cheaply and easily at the airport and many other locations, including near the sanggar. Data rates are not expensive. We strongly urge you to buy an Indonesian SIM card when you arrive.

However, if you come from a country that locks phones (such as the USA), you could perhaps arrange roaming before you leave, although this is not optimal because of weird connectivity and lack of access to apps that make life a little easier (or more interesting). You could also buy a cheap smartphone here for around USD 200 or EUR 180 that will mean you aren’t stranded in between WiFi hotspots. That will be good for your (and our) peace of mind and security.

Facilities of the sanggar

Discussion after the movie

Part of the rooftop

The plunge pool

Bale pendopo gazebo

Dining area

Evening senior discussion - Bandar Teater Jakarta



We provide basic accommodation at Indonesian standards in keeping with the theatrical tradition of the archipelago, which seems to be more communal than that of most other nations. That is, shared accommodation is the norm. Private rooms can be made available, depending on the circumstances.


An adjacent room to Aula 2, with one double bed with shared bathroom with Aula 2. The room receives air-conditioning from Aula 2.

Private room



An ‘aula’ or large room with two double beds and one single bed with a shared bathroom with sit toilet, ‘bak mandi’ (splash tub) and cold-water shower. The room is air conditioned.

.Aula showing 2 beds

Aula showing single bed

Aula accessories


Two former ‘warung’ (informal shops) converted into rooms with up to three floor mattresses (‘kasur Palembang’) with two shared, outside bathrooms and two sit and one squat toilet. Each room has one wall fan.

Vila 2



One ‘warung’ room with up to five kasur Palembang with two shared, outside bathrooms and two sit and one squat toilet. There are two wall fans.

Vila 3


If cooking is your art form or your hobby, enjoy! We welcome your recipes. The kitchen as a gas oven and two stovetops and a large array of equipment, such as blenders, mortar and pestles, whisks, scales, pots, pans, griddles.



A two-storey house with a four-post, netted, double bed, bathroom with cold-water shower and squat toilet, mezzanine work area (equipped for sewing), library, writing desk, outside hot-water bath for two and shower, and a private garden in the process of farmer-managed restoration beneath a banana tree and ‘pohon ceri’.



Please contact us for more information


+62 812 1212 5308 (English: WhatsApp, Line, Viber, Signal)

+62 811 1330 236 (Bahasa Indonesia: Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger)

Visit us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sanggarObojong/

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